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Water Heater

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances
Water Heater


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Laundry & Cleaning Appliances  -  Water Heater

Offer Post Time: 2013-04-09

Serial Code:

Model: RSB-55




Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Model No.: RSB-55
1. Specification:
1) Model No: RSB-55
2) Power: 1-8KW, customized
3) Voltage: 220V-240V
4) The range of current: 0-40A
5) The range of hydraulic pressure: 0.02-0.6 Mpa
6) Waterproof degree: IP*4
7) Packing size: 310*130*100mm
2. Features:
 1) Brand new 0.2L copper tube heating body, water and electricity separate, the thermal conductivity is
three times than the stainless steel heating tube;
2) 85℃ Dry heating protection, 55℃ over temperature protection;
 3) Exclusive calicle integrated decompression protection;
 4) Hall Flow-meter controls the water flow for the right direction;
  5) External double Prevent electric wall design;
  6) Wide operating voltage heating;
  7) Knob adjust the temperature, gear adjust the power;
  8) Enclosed type installed design and with light decoration;
  9) It is more convenient and safe to use in the bathroom and kitchen;
no water no electricity;
  10) Best supplement for the solar energy water heater;
11) Flowing water heating in 2 seconds, energy saving and you can enjoy endless warm water!